Technical information

6060 – T5 Aluminum

Durable, high-density polyester Powder-Coat Finish. Available in gloss, satin, matte or sable (textured) AAMA 2604 or 2605

Standard heights are 36” and 42”. Alternate heights available by request

Standard picket spacing is less than 4”

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners or aluminum rivets are used throughout the railing assembly.

Railings meet national safety standards and the 2003 ICC International Codes. Codes do vary by city and county and it is the customer’s responsibility the rail system will meet local codes.

Rails are professionally tested by an independent resting laboratory to meet all safety requirements. Test results are available upon request.

Our railing systems have been tested in accordance with international building Codes to withstand a 200 lb concentrated load applied direction at the top of the guard rail. Railings have also been tested to withstand 50PLF horizontal load applied at the required rail height with a simultaneous load of 100PLF vertical load. The railing has also been designed to withstand a 200lf horizontal load applied at any 1 ft square area of the railing system.

Railings are maintenance-free; no painting, no rust. May be washed as needed with water and mild soap. Do not use harsh solutions or abrasive cleaners.

Every railing is custom made to specifications supplied by our customers. Cost is based on linear footage and components. For a free, no obligation quote, we suggest you fax us with a sketch of the Layout of the area you wish to install railing. You can also e-mail us at with any questions that you have or call our office at 770-826-4006. Please be advised that prices are subject to change without notice. - Technical information

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